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Why I started Allaham Consultancy – a real estate consultancy?

Real Estate | February 8, 2018

There’s one question that I get asked a lot these days. “Why did I get into the real estate consultancy business.” My simple answer is, “because I’m an entrepreneur”. But there’s lot more to it, which I would like to share. So here’s why I started Allaham Consultancy.

It is an entrepreneur’s keen eye that understands the intrinsic value of when to take a chance, how deeply to dive into something and begin something new that has potential. I see immense potential in the real estate market in NYC. The city’s infrastructure is booming like never before. Investors are looking to acquire fancy properties and developers are working on grand projects.

With such vibrancy, when I did my initial survey and research about the market, I saw a few key things: a dire need to fill the gaps in the consultancy services, a great business opportunity and a potentially fast-growing sector. As an entrepreneur and businessman I’m always keeping an eye out for new opportunities with a consistent strategy. And simply speaking, entrepreneurship is about identifying a gap in the market and fulfilling it with your product or service. Which is what I’m doing.

Business with a purpose

I seek for purpose in every business that I do. What is it that will improve people’s lives? Running a business is more than just about making money. When I started the kosher restaurant, my purpose was to serve the best and most innovative kosher cuisine in NYC, because the city was lacking that. Now, with the consultancy, I am aiming to provide the most wholesome experience that customers can have while buying and selling property.

In my opinion, customers need a fair and unbiased third party perspective, when they are acquiring a property. If an investment is going to cause them loss in the future, they need to know so. Not only that, they need to know the possibilities to turn that situation around and convert the property into a profitable spot. At Allaham Consultancy, we are equipped to and willing to do for the customer.

To build a great company, we need great employees. We have employed some of the best talent available in the real estate market sector in NYC. These are not just people who are good at their job; they work with the same perspective and purpose that the company has been built upon. And that, I believe, is the competitive advantage of my consultancy.

New possibilities

Allaham Consultancy is also an opportunity for us to ride in the new wave of tech and innovation. The real estate market is making use of disruptive technology in a smart and efficient manner. We’re looking at making use of tech and artificial intelligence to understand the customer. We want to give the customer what they want, not what we want them to have. And that’s the difference between our consultancy and the others, I think.

New York City is a hot bed for real estate. There are a large number of foreign investors turning to NYC to invest in property. The employment rate in the city is going up and younger professionals are looking for rented apartments. The transport infrastructure of the city is going through thorough redevelopment, which is one of the biggest factors that will affect the real estate market. Fancy high rises, business towers and redeveloping abandoned properties is seeing a rise. With all these positive factors, the requirement for professional consultancy services is essential.

With the help of manpower, efficient staff and technology, we’re ready to provide our unique services in NYC. Ours is a comprehensive service. We’re making sure that we cover all aspects of real estate: investments, management and support, construction and development, legal support, commercial, residential and international property, corporate leasing, and renting are just some of the services that we’re providing, among the many.

With knowledge comes confidence

My entry into the real estate business comes with years of experience and knowledge of running other businesses. Having started and successfully run the Prime Grill, Prime KO and Solo and Prime Butcher Baker, I have developed a skill of understanding what people or customers want. They want better experiences, better lives, quality products and services, and as entrepreneurs it is our job to provide them that. Gone are the days when customers would buy from what was given to them. Today, they have their own demands and expect to get what they want.

Running a business is all about paying attention to details, to seeing, to listening to your customers. That’s one thing lacking in the real estate sector in NYC. Customers know what they want and as real estate consultants we do not want to manipulate them to choose something else. We want to find them what they want and make it work for them.

Real estate is not just an investment. It is close to everyone’s heart. It is a home that people go to after a hard day at work, it is an office that one has built with a great deal of difficulty and hardship, and to be able to be sensitive enough and understand the emotional value of places is what we pride ourselves in. It is not just a space we’re rebuilding or decorating for a customer, it is the dream for most of the customers and we’re willing to be part of it and make it better. That’s our purpose.

For me, Allaham Consultancy is more than just a business or a new venture. It is a promise and a purpose. As with all my businesses, this one too is close to my heart and we’re trying hard to stay true to our business principles and make it a success.