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How Good Market Research Is Important For Doing Business

Entrepreneur | February 22, 2018

To reach the crest of success for your business, you must conduct a good market research. It helps to stay tuned to the changing trends of the present market and also, maintain a competitive edge. Whether you are a startup owner or involved in a large business, market research is highly essential to understand the vital features of your target audience in order to increase sales revenue, ROI, profit and entire business accomplishment.

Below-mentioned points will sum up the value and requirement of an extensive market research:

1. Knowing better about what you could do

Although it sounds very generic, this is the most important factor that unveils the importance of doing market research. Without proper research, you can’t move ahead in your business and understand each and every aspect in and out as well. Researching market can clear endless queries and can offer you a great approach for moving forward with your business. In a nutshell, you can collect a lot of information about the market which is going to help you measure your chances, weaknesses, strengths, and obstacles.

2. Getting detailed market information

An extensive market research helps you gather detailed market information which incorporates factors like market segmentation (personality, gender, geographic, etc.), sales revenues (for current products), market size (in terms of the number of target clients), the demand and supply scenario, and so forth.

3. Getting better insight into existing target customers

Target clients can be either potential or presently loyal customers. An extensive market research can clear all doubts about the identification of promising clients based on location, gender, ages, etc. In addition to this, a complete survey of potential customers opens doors on what more the business can accomplish by make greater products for retaining clients.

4. Understanding customer behavioral patterns

This particular point is the expansion of the former one. This is basically an advanced market research which provides substantial insight into customer needs. Promising clients may showcase preferences and behavioral patterns like a predisposition towards just one brand or a penchant for changing brands instantly in favor of new products, and/or a choice for products of a specific price range, color, size, type, and similar parameters. The behavioral patterns of the customers can be understood by using advanced analytics tools like Google Analytics, Big Data, Hadoop, etc. And if this pattern is recognized, more tailor-made and refined products can be formed for the target customers.

5. Competitor analysis

Be it a small or large scale business, there is always competition to handle. Researching about the market and on your potential rivals can offer you valuable information about them and provide a glimpse of their marketing strategies, influence on target customers, etc., which can help you stay ahead of them. In addition to this, it will help you upgrade your business and enhance the quality of your products and services as well.

6. Identifying business opportunities

A wide market research helps you recognize the current gaps and present business opportunities like underserviced and untapped markets and also the transforming market trends like higher education levels, population growth, rising leisure spends and so forth.

7. Making more precise business decisions

Using refined analysis and all the knowledge acquired through advanced research, you are better positioned to make more accurate business decisions. The information gathered through this research can help you set realistic expectations and make precise projections regarding sales trends, growth rate, market share, and all other vital factors. From marketing to finance to procurement, each business aspect can be acquired in time. Additionally, it can initiate quicker conclusions with assured results.

8. Resolving business issues

A better market research not just helps identify the causes of business issues but also recommend possible resolutions. For instance, decreased sales could work to the advantage of a new rival, negative brand image or eliminated brand awareness, and the manifestation of an alternative product.

9. Better sales prediction and selling functionalities

Maintaining the ultimate inventory level and regulating the demand-supply balance is the major objective of sales prediction, which is possible only with an advanced market research. Many tactics are utilized for this purpose. After sales prediction, new ways of producing substitute goods for selling or selling present goods can be designed. Furthermore, you can discover new sales territories through market research.

10. Reducing risk and loss

In accounting terms, the emergency approach is always kept as a backup plan, which implies that you have almost 50% contingencies that the business plan made by you might not work properly. Therefore, in order to trim down the 50% to 25%, market research provides a notable backup. Thus in layman’s terms, market research eliminates risks and also the business loss manifolds.
To be fair, these above-mentioned 10 points completely justify the perks of an extensive market research for business success.