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Joey Allaham is an Entrepreneur

From his early days of daring experimentation, to his vision for success in every business, Joey Allaham has been chasing excellence as an entrepreneur. His story continues to progress.

With interests in everything from food to real estate, Joey Allaham is one of the most inspiring businessman and entrepreneur.

Joey Allaham, also known as Joseph Allaham, is the founder and director of Allaham Consultancy – a diversified real estate consultancy firm in the United States of America. With an unwavering focus on quality and commitment to filling gaps in the real estate sector in the USA, Mr. Allaham set up Allaham Consultancy as a dynamic organization that caters to all aspects of real estate.

Born in Damascus in a family of kosher butchers, Mr. Allaham, with his family, moved to New York in 1993. Syrian customs and people were always close to his heart, which led him to take initiative efforts in fostering ties between Syria and the American Jewish Community.

Mr. Allaham is a prolific entrepreneur and businessman, which is what he is most known for. In 2000 he opened NYC’s first high end kosher restaurant – Prime Grill, a steak house on Madison Avenue. Thereafter, he opened a number of restaurants catering different cuisines. Mr. Allaham co-authored a book with his chef, David Kolotkin, titled The Prime Grill Cookbook, subtitled Redefining the Kosher Experience, which was published in 2013 and well received.

Mr. Allaham’s entrepreneurial and business achievements are defined by his maverick determination, sharp business acumen and vast experience in different sectors. He has been a revered businessman who has had an unignorable impact on growing businesses. Allaham Consultancy is yet another feat carving a progressive path in his business endeavors.


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