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Joseph Allaham – a Maverick Entrepreneur and Influential Figure in International Relations and Foreign Affairs in the USA

From his early days of daring experimentation, to his vision for success in every business, Joey Allaham has been chasing excellence as an influential
international relations and foreign affairs figure in the
USA. His story continues to inspire.

For Joseph Allaham, success in every aspect of life comes from his entrepreneurial spirit. His maverick determination has made him a successful businessman in different industries, including his newest venture – a real estate consultancy firm in New York. Alongside, something that is close to his heart is, creating meaningful and fruitful international relationships and foreign affairs initiatives between nations and the USA.

Early on, in 1993, at the time he moved to New York from Syria, Mr. Allaham fostered ties between the Syrian and the American Jewish community. He did all this, bouncing between his restaurant business, family life and his explorations in new business ventures. His unwavering commitment to all aspects of his life –family, business or concerns close to his Syrian heart – ensured he struck a great balance in everything he did.

In the years to follow, Mr. Allaham’s commitment saw deeper engagement in matters of international relations and foreign affairs. His efforts are directed toward building peaceful dialogue, fruitful ties and making significant positive changes to the relations between the Middle Eastern nations and the USA.

He has been instrumental in building relationships with the leadership in the Jewish community in the USA to better international relations aimed at increasing defense and economic ties, and to expand humanitarian support in the Middle East. He carries out his efforts through peaceful means including community engagement, charitable contributions and meetings between dignitaries.

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